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MADE: a douche bag clothing line's Journal

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MADE: a douche bag clothing line's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
MADE: a douche bag clothing line

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Green Day [28 Apr 2009|05:02pm]

Green Day is releasing a new album on May 15th, titled 21st Century Breakdown. Below is a widget where you can check out the new single, Know Your Enemy, and follow what the band has going on right now.

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[04 Aug 2004|11:13pm]
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[26 Jun 2003|02:12am]

If you guys wanna help me and look at these pics I'm selling on Ebay, I'd really appreciate it.
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Any Good Charlotte fans? [06 Apr 2003|06:08pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey, I'm selling 2 General Admission Floor Seats to the Good Charlotte show in Worcester, MA on April 24th. I had previously posted in the GC community that they were sold, but those plans fell through. So anyone interested please leave a comment or e-mail me at UGLYSTARSxx@aol.com.


p.s. sorry for cross posting.

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[21 Feb 2003|12:51am]

Hey I just wanted to let everyone know about my new community here on LJ. It's called Dream Weavers and it's a place where you can go to share your dreams, day or night ones..and get them interpreted or interpret others. I'd really like it if you joined. Thank you :) http://www.livejournal.com/community/dream_weavers/

PS Sorry if this got spammed to you.
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to the maintainer: [20 Feb 2003|12:02pm]
[ mood | curious ]

may i ask why you hate made now? or is there a post about it somewhere? just wondering. thanks.

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proposition.. [18 Jan 2003|09:04pm]

[ mood | high ]

ok.. i dont want this community anymore, but since it seems fairly popular im not going to delete it. if someone would be so kind and get me a paid account i will give you the community. so anyone interested??

if so IM/email me on my sn: jynxmecrzy


just comment back to this.

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[18 Jan 2003|11:49am]

hey juss lettin you guys know that there is the original made hoodie on hottopic.com in girls sizes now. there is also the regular one in mens sizes, but those are selling out faster.
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aye!? [12 Jan 2003|11:15am]

[ mood | dorky ]

well it hit me that if i'm going to join a community on livejournal i may as well post once in it. so here it is, eat it up everyone because i don't know how often this is going to happen..lmao. uhm actually i just wanted to say hello to everyone and let ya know that if you wanna add me then go ahead only if your interesting and plan on commenting on my journal as well. if you drop your level of activity please take me off your friends list and i'll do the same. but yeah if you add me and your cool then just make sure you let me know so i can add you back!.. i need to get some made clothes.. i want a jacket like joel was wearing at that mtv thing. bleh mtv.

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[10 Jan 2003|04:26pm]

so last night i was skimming websites and came across the 1000 Journals Project of course me being the idiot i am who likes this stuff goes and add's herself in the list. then it hit me today in Geometry class that i could possibly make a spin off of it and make a Good Charlotte Fan Journal(s). Because lately i have a feeling that they might need to look at something to bring them back to earth and outta the clouds. so im going to copy 1000 journals and make a few journals and send it to people. if you feel like helping in this email me at fauxstar@attbi.com.

you'd have to pay the 2 or 3 dollars for shipping to the next person.
you can keep the journal no longer than 2 weeks.

hopefully ill get some full journals and we can deliver them to Good Charlotte themselves in the summer, or perhaps if this goes quicker. id put the journals in someone's hands that i trust and people that i know would get it to them safely. if you feel like helping out in this email me with your name and address. within the next week i should get a master list and an info web page so everyone can track the journals.


oh and a BIG sorry, ill be spamming your friends list.
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[21 Nov 2002|04:26pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

madeclothing.com has new girls shirts and t-shirts, they also have an aim name (i believe it's the same thing or similar to smarterchild), which is Madeclothing.

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[17 Nov 2002|09:16am]
[ mood | complacent ]

joel is such an incredible sweetheart.

oh, and in the newest issue of elle girl (with mandy moore and kelly osbourne on the cover) there is a tiny interview with benji and joel, plus a review of the young and the hopeless. check it out.

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my proposal... [04 Nov 2002|11:58pm]

ok well im going to do this again since my attempt for warped never happened. i have a total of 8 days to get as many letters as possible for a GC "Support and Comment" package. what it hopefully will consist of is letters to GC saying whatever you want what their music means to you.

also the fact that there has been alot of incidents that some "fans" went all ape shit on them, im writing an apology because not all fans are like that and it's pissing me off.

so whatever, if your in email the things at gothamgirl@attbi.com

and im going to be a post whore to get my word out, im very sorry...
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Paul Banners [02 Nov 2002|07:42pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

hey all,
sorry that i've taken so long on these, and that there arn't that many. alot of shit going on with one of my friends lately so i've been distracted. but i will make some more, and better ones.





Keep Representin'
I'm A Billy Whore, Fuck You!
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New Community! [28 Oct 2002|11:34pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey guys!
Me and my friend Erin sickgurl have made a Paul community because he deserves one!!! So any of you want to join, please do. We would love to get an awesome community going...pauls_no_saint. Thanks everyone!

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[28 Oct 2002|09:34pm]

Just thought everyone woudl want to know that in the Nov 1 issuse of Entertainment Weekly there is an article on Benji and Joel....its not much just a one page thing but it got me excited and its not exactly a magazine that everyone reads so I just thought I'd let everyone know!!

The magazine takes them out to this real fancy reastaurant and its about that and there is a picture.
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Banner Question [28 Oct 2002|08:55pm]

sorry if you get this a few times.

i joined a GC clique a few days ago and as you do, i placed the codes on my lj profile. but there weren't any Paul banners, they had Billy and the Twins, but no Paul.

so, i was wondering that, if i made a few "Paul Love" type banners, if anyone would put them on their lj profile, or web site if you want. or well, anywhere else.

i'm going to make one or two for myself, but if anyone else wants to use them, i'll make more.

Keep Representin'
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And If I Make It Through The Day, Will Tomorrow Be The Same? [27 Oct 2002|01:27pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

CUT!! i flipped over 2 Channel [V] earlier this arvo and the Twins were half way through an acoustic version of "Lifestyles" from when they were on "Want u Want" ggrr... i wana tape it, but every time itz on, i get it half way through. bastards!

anyway, iv been a happy lil camper and made lots of new icons. if you want to use any, just leave a message and tell me what one you want.

IconologyCollapse )

Keep Representin'

ps. does any1 no who plays the song "I Fought The Law"? the whole song is pretty much "i fought the law and i won" with a few small verses thrown in and something about blowin Gorgin Hivies (sp?) brains out. any1 know?

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hellO [25 Oct 2002|04:03pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hi everyone..i've been here for a while..but I havent introduced myself yet..so yeah anyways my names Tara...*waves* hi!
Oky..well thats about it..I just wanted to say hi..and if anyone wants to add me to their friends list..feel free :D I'll add ya back :D

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i'm new.... [21 Oct 2002|08:12pm]

[ mood | chillin' ]

hey what up everyone i'm new my name's katie... umm i had a question. i ordered the MADE hoodie almost two weeks ago and it said to allow 6-8 weeks but i was wondering if there was anyone who had ordered it and could tell me how long theirs took. becuase my friend said it'll prolly take less time than that... so any reply would be appreciated. i guess that's it... oh and if anyone knows anything about GC's west coast tour, that info would be accepted as well. thanks!

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